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Who We Are

NEOREX is a system development company, located in Nagoya, Japan. Since1987, We've been working on our original products. We create our services by coming up with ideas, designing, developing, testing, promoting, distributing, and supporting users. The name of NEOREX comes from three words which are "needs", "originality" and "expansive".

What We Do

Currently, we have two major services. One is a cloud-based timecard system, named "Bye Bye Timecard". With the flexibility of its architecture and our experienced consultants, Bye Bye Timecard holds the third biggest market share in Japan. The enterprises which use Bye Bye Timecard includes IKEA Japan, STIHL, Seibu Railway, and Prince Hotel.

The other service is an iPhone app for self-management, named "MyStats". With MyStats, you can record "when and what you did" and see "how you spent your time" by pie charts. You can also record "results" or "status" of the day such as "Today's Sales" or "Today's Weight" and see "how you are doing" by line graphs. MyStats have been downloaded in about 100 countries and regions worldwide, and been helping users who have dreams or goals.

Bye Bye Timecard

Contact Us

Head Office: (Nagoya)
NEOREX Bldg., 4-25 Temma 1-chome,
Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 456-0034
Map: (google map)
TEL: +81-52-681-2121

Kagurazaka Office (Tokyo):
Kagurazaka Technos Bldg., 4 Tsukiji-cho,
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 162-0818
Map: (google map)
TEL: +81-3-5261-9879

Email: info(atmark)